Project Neutron

This project began July 2023 and is known internally as Project Neutron. The full details of the projects cannot be shared at this point. However, I am one of three senior writers working on the new content strategy for all the documentation. We have just completed our scoping of the project and are beginning our user research as we enter August 2023.

I am able to discuss this project in some detail in conversation.

Writing Samples from Unity Technologies - Developer Audience

The Multiplayer Networking documentation site is a stand-alone site from the rest of Unity's documentation. It was an acquired solution called MLAPI that evolved into Netcode for GameObjects and built out as a multiplayer product suite for game development.

I am the sole writer for majority of my time on this product in charge of Netcode for GameObjects (NGO), Unity Transport Protocol (UTP), Multiplayer Tools, the Multiplayer Samples and Education content (Boss Room and Bitesize samples), Dedicated Game Server, and Multiplayer Play Mode. I recently acquired a reviewer and advisory role on the Netcode for Entities and the MegaCity sample documentation.

Not only do I write the content for these projects, I maintain and update the Docusaurus site and publishing pipeline. Since this site is outside the core Unity documentation, the Doc Tooling team considers the site out of their scope so troubleshooting and maintenance fall on me.

I am actively rewriting the content covered in the Multiplayer Networking documentation to align with Unity's new content model and style separating content into concepts, tasks, and reference.

I am also preparing the internal structure of the content for an impending migration to a new documentation center and tooling.
As content is updated and published, I will host PDFs of the content here.
Until then, the following are links to articles I have written at Unity that align with the previous model:


Network Scene Visualization

Install Netcode for GameObjects

Listen Server and Host Architecture

The Multiplayer Networking documentation website as of May 21, 2023.