Acoustic Developer Center Project

With the goal of improving the end-to-end experience of our client developers, two product managers, UX design manager, and I researched, interviewed, developed processes and prototypes, and determined best practices for our teams to ensure developer success in creating a new developer documentation center.

This project included determining a developer-oriented CMS (we chose, updating our writing style and information architecture, documentation team training, and designing and implementing the aesthetic and functional elements of the documentation website.

I took part in every aspect of the project and led the styling updates, content migration, and doc team training. I held writing workshops and open office hours to guide the doc team to the new style and in learning Markdown syntax and formatting. I helped migrate developer content from IBM while the doc team continued writing new features and implementing the new style as they worked. I worked with the head of UX design to help implement the look, feel, and functionality tweaks to the ReadMe product.

I also used the knowledge of ReadMe features to bring in the glossary tool tip functionality to our Help Center documentation site powered by Zendesk.

Writing Sample from Acoustic - Business End User Audience

The SMS Story Sample

As Acoustic divested from IBM, the content design team had a writing experience to practice a new style and tone for our business user audience. The main product I was in charge of during this transition period was Acoustic Campaign SMS.

The new style for the business end user documentation was more story-like with this sample as the overview of the product.

Colleague Testimonials from Acoustic/IBM

I would like to provide my strong support for Sara. Sara worked for me as a content designer and she also led our developer experience. What makes Sara unique is that this wasn’t something she was asked to do, but something she volunteered to do, on top of her day job. I was impressed by her dedication and ability to deliver whatever she put her mind to. She was a great teammate and collaborated extremely well across disciplines. Sara would be an asset to any team, I'd highly recommend her.

― Ami Dewar, Sr Manager of UX at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sara is always looking to grow and expand her skills and she always uses those skills to help others. It was always a joy working with her (directly and indirectly). She likes figuring out software and technology and is a hard worker who is dedicated to her team and her project. She's also a great person and everyone that I knew loved working with Sara. You'll be lucky to have her on your team and at your company.

― Megan Crouch, Owner and CEO at Wise Warrior Coaching

Sara is great to work. She's smart, knowledgeable, and knows her stuff (if she doesn't know something, she'll figure it out). Sara designed and implemented our new development center. She provided effective training and support to the team so that we could create and manage developer content. We partnered on a few projects, including researching and implementing solutions to improve the customer experience. Sara is a valuable asset to any team!

― Rita Moore, Manager at Socure